Sex In Seattle

Sex in Seattle
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This community is run by 3 women in Seattle who have an interest in spreading sexual awareness amongst our fellow men/women. We invite you to ask any and all your sex related questions here. If you're just looking for sex-toy or site recommendations, go to our sister site sexinseattlerec and see if we've got what you're looking for. If not, pose your request there (ie "I'm looking for a toy to explore anal sex, what do you suggest?"). Feel free to post anonymously if you feel uncomfortable leaving your name. We'd like to help answer your questions. If none of us personally know the answer to your question, we will help find the answer you're searching for. If you have tips, advice or a related story for someone else that has made a post, feel free to reply. However, we ask that anyone posting here have respect for others, just as you would expect for yourself.

The three mods (jillybean0528, karleesplace, and bluesbedlam) are just regular people. We are not doctors, specialists, psychologists, etc. We simply have a vast pool of sexual experience with both men and women, and would like to help people explore their own sexuality in a free environment.

We would like everyone to feel free to utilize this community to expand your sexual knowledge/awareness. However there are a few rules and general guidlines to remember:

1. We prefer that you are at least sixteen years old to join the community

2. Please make your questions specific. It is basically assumed that all people know what a blow job is, but not necessesarily how to perform one. If you're looking for handy tips on how to really excite your man, specify that. If you're looking for tips on how to really bring off your woman, let us know that too. If that topic has been discussed in some detail in the past, it will likely be found on the community memories. Please look there first before adding yours to the mix.

3. Spell check is your friend. LJ even has a handy option at the bottom of your post entry. Please use it liberally. If we cannot understand or read your post, we can't help you and that would be sad. If English is your second (or third, forth, etc.) language, and you're not sure how to ask what you need, please just say so in your post and if we can't help you with your question by finding someone that speaks your language, we invite you to email us at sis_moderators@yahoo.com and we'll work on your issues one on one.

4. Make all posts sexually related. Introduction posts are alright if you also include your question with said post.

5. Use the lj-cut tag on long entries and any photographs.

6. No advertisements of any sort are allowed here. If you want to suggest a site to anyone else here, please contact one of the community maintainers. We will review the site and add it to our sexualy related recommendations community sexinseattlerec (ie the best sex toys on the web, etc.). We will also list other LJ related communities on our rec page if you first discuss them with one of the mods via email. There is a community called sex_comm, that specializes in noting but sex-related communities.

7. Please have respect for all posters within the community. If you post here simply to be profane, flame or otherwise antangonize others, your posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the community. We don't want to have to do that to anyone. If someone posts about being excited only when another person pees on them, it's that person's right to like what they will. We are not here to judge, and neither are our readers. We're here to inform. Keep that in mind please. If you don't like a comment to something you have posted, please do not delete it. You may not agree someone else's point of view, but we're hoping to encourage all to share their knowlege and experience. If their posts are deleted, that defeats the purpose. If it's seriously infamatory, bring it to a mod's attention via email at sis_moderators@yahoo.com.

Thank you!

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