September 10th, 2006

(no subject)

Okay, in the Planned Parenthood in West Seattle or Capitol Hill/The CD (it's kind of near Capitol hill and the CD), they have baskets of crappy Planned-Parenthood Brand Condoms I don't trust, and at least the West Seattle also has a little piece of paper with different LifeStyles condoms taped on it, with what their specific features are (flavored, thin, etc), and my friends have come back from Planned Parenthood with mixed bags of (Planned Parenthoog and LifeStyles) condoms before (I've never asked for condoms there, my boyfriend's father used to buy them for him, and after that I went on the pill, but now he's moving out to go to college, and I have to stop taking birth conrol, so we need condoms).

So my boyfriend and I are just starting to use condoms again, and if we don't use really thin ones, he lasts for a rediculously long time that just gets uncomfortable... which sucks.

So- how the hell do you get these condoms from Planned Parenthood?

The obvious answer is 'go in and ask', but to be perfectly honest, the people in there kind of scare me, and I'd rather have some idea on how to get where I want to be when I walk in, just because- it would be a little less akward.

Is that a stupid question?