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My uncle the author---Let the purchasing begin!!!

So here it is!!! Please go buy it my uncles are co-authors. My uncle is a Seattle based gay author by night, governmental letter-writer by day! This is his first book

About the book: A peeping tom, death threats and a young gay reporter make a closeted governor's first months in office a living hell.

Closeted Lieutenant Governor George Vantage is sworn in as governor after the sudden resignation of the incumbent but soon finds himself threatened by an anonymous caller eager to expose the “faggot governor.”

Reporter Michael Harrington views the new governor as his ticket onto the front page of his newspaper. He knows firsthand that Vantage is gay but he also senses that there is a bigger story.

Jason Covington is a peeping tom who gets off watching the new governor sleep. His antics end when security cameras catch him spying on Vantage.

Harrington thinks things are going well until the state patrol tracks the young man caught on security cameras to Harrington’s apartment. Then his story on the governor’s son and a gambling bill hits the front page. Soon Harrington becomes part of his own story when he answers his phone and a voice on the other end threatens to kill him if he doesn’t back off.

The situation explodes when Vantage wakes up and sees a silhouette in his bedroom window. Security guards shoot from below and Vantage grabs his gun and shoots without thinking. A body crashes through the window exposing Vantage to all.

This book was written way before the NJ scandal, but fate, it appears, has provided some unexpected publicity.

You can check him out and find out about this book and the second one he is in the process of writing here.

X-Posted pretty much everywhere, sorry if it hit your list a few times.
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